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Cadet Oath

“I pledge that I will serve faithfully in the Civil Air Patrol cadet program; and that I will attend meetings regularly, participate actively in unit activities, obey my officers, wear my uniform properly and advance my education and training rapidly to prepare myself to be of service to my community, state and nation.”

New Cadet Resources

As a brand new cadet, you’ve should have received your Welcome to Civil Air Patrol email from National with instructions on how to register for eServices.  Please take some time to follow those instructions.  eServices is an important tool where you can manage your contact phone numbers and email addresses.  It is also the gateway to the Learning Management system, where you will take your Leadership and Aerospace Achievement tests.

You should have also received and email from TeamSnap “CAP 1008”, asking you to confirm your registration.  Please do so, as TeamSnap is the primary tool we use to manage signups for squadron activities.  If you haven’t received your either of those welcome emails, contact the Deputy Commander for Cadets or the Senior Member that processed your membership.

Here are some important resources for you as a brand new cadet:


Uniform Standards

The Civil Air Patrol Uniform Regulation, CAP Regulation 39-1, can be found on the Publications page maintained by National Headquarters: https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/members/publications/indexes-regulations-and-manuals-1700, and is the ultimate resource for all questions regarding the proper wear of the uniform.  Below you will links to excerpts and summaries for your reference, but in case of any disagreement between any of this information and the regulation, the regulation is correct.

Uniform Wear 

Cadets are expected to wear a complete uniform for all CAP events/activities.  See the above referenced CAPR 39-1 for complete details on proper uniform wear, and the link below for information about obtaining uniforms.  In short, the two basic complete uniforms will consist of either:

  • ABU shirt, pants, and cap; sand belt, black boots, sand t-shirt, and rank insignia.  ABU shirt shall have Name and CAP tapes sewn above the pockets.
  • Blues shirt and pants (males), blouse and pants or skirt (females), flight cap with device, name tag, rank insignia, blue belt with silver buckle, black shoes, black socks.  Ribbons are optional.

Exceptions to above Uniform Wear

Acquiring a complete uniform can take some time, so latitude is given to new cadets while they complete their uniform.  The following exceptions are allowed for wearing an incomplete uniform:

  1. First O-Flight – Cadets taking their first O-Flight will be considered “in uniform” if they are wearing an ABU shirt or squadron t-shirt.  ABU pants are not required.  A complete ABU or Blues uniform is required for all subsequent O-Flights or ‘backseat’ rides in CAP aircraft.
  2. Squadron meetings for new cadets – Cadets are not required to have any uniform items before completing their first achievement (Curry), after they complete that achievement, they are expected to do their best and wear as much of the ABU uniform as they can while they complete sourcing the items.  Do not wear a partial Blues uniform, wear ABUs until your Blues uniform is complete.

Grooming Standards

Where to get Uniforms

Cadet Promotions Track Report

Cadet can see their progress in achievements on the Cadet Promotions Track.

Ranger Creed

“It is my duty as a member of the Rangers of the Civil Air Patrol ground search and rescue service, to save lives, aid the injured, and protect their property.In order to do this, I will keep myself physically fit at all times.I will be prepared at all times to perform my assigned duties quickly and efficiently, placing these duties before my personal desires and comfort.These things I do so that others may live!”

 CAP Core values

Integrity – Excellence – Volunteer Service – Respect

Definition of Leadership

“The art of influencing and directing people in a way that will win their obedience, confidence, respect, and loyal cooperation in achieving a common objective.”

Cadet Grades

Cadet Officers
C/Col – Cadet Colonel Also referred to as “A Spaatz Cadet”
C/LtCol – Cadet Lieutenant Colonel
C/Maj – Cadet Major
C/Capt – Cadet Captain
C/1st Lt – Cadet First Lieutenant
C/2d Lt – Cadet Second Lieutenant

Cadet Non-commissioned Officers (NCO’s)

C/CMSgt – Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Can also be called “Chief”
C/SMSgt – Cadet Senior Master Sergeant
C/MSgt – Cadet Master Sergeant
C/TSgt – Cadet Technical Sergeant
C/SSgt – Cadet Staff Sergeant
C/SrA – Cadet Senior Airman
C/A1c – Cadet Airman First Class
C/Amn – Cadet Airman
C/AB – Cadet Airman Basic

 Cadet First
Cadet Lieutenant
Cadet Technical
 Cadet Master
 Cadet Senior
Master Sergeant
 Cadet Chief
Master Sergeant
Cadet Second
Cadet Airman Basic Cadet Airman Cadet Airman
First Class
Cadet Senior
Cadet Staff

Senior Grades

Maj Gen – Major General Reserved for current and past National Commander only
Brig Gen – Brigadier General Reserved for National Command Staff
Col – Colonel Reserved for current and past Wing and Region Commanders; and Regional and National Staff
Lt Col – Lieutenant Colonel – Highest grade possible for most senior members
Maj – Major
Capt – Captain
1st Lt – First Lieutenant
2d Lt – Second Lieutenant

SFO – Senior Flight Officer – Grade reserved for former cadets now senior members ages 18-21
TFO – Technical Flight Officer – Grade reserved for former cadets now senior members ages 18-21
FO – Flight Officer Grade reserved for former cadets now senior members ages 18-21

SM – Senior Member Reserved for first time Senior Members who have just joined 

Colonel  Brigadier
 Major General

Captain  Major
 Senior Member  Flight Officer  Technical Flight
 Senior Flight
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